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Multi Room Audio & Video

Multi Room Audio & Video systems have fully embraced changes in technology and lifestyle. AVA Solutions can help you create the ideal system to suit your lifestyle. 

Multi Room Audio

Add music to your life with a multi-room audio system. At AVA Solutions we install many types of multi-room audio systems.


If you looking just to add music to a 2nd zone such as a Patio or Kitchen or if you looking for distrbuted music through out your home, AVA Solution will have just the system you looking for.

We offer many top brands such as Control 4, Elan, Denon, NAD, Naim, Niles and Rotel with speakers to match any room requirements.

Wireless Multi Room Audio


Whole house audio is one of the fastest growing audio segments in the world thanks largely to the new generation of wireless audio systems that are easy to install without compromising on audio quality.


Denon has been making very high quality audio products for over 65 years and their pedigree shows it the HEOS range of wireless audio products that offer unequiled audio quality from a wireless whole house audio product.

Multi Room Video - HDBaseT

In the modern home we have many HD video sources such as Satellite TV, Blu-ray players and media servers. We also want to view these sources in a number of rooms.


Since the termination of Analogue outputs from equipment (Analogue sunset), HDMI and HDBaseT are the only ways to distribute video signals. Although HDMI distribution is cheaper than HDBaseT, it also comes with many problems such as distance limitation,  EDID management and HDCP key issues.


Multi Room Video - HDIP


High Definition over IP (HDIP) is the most versitle video distribution system available. It can be build up from a single source, single display system to any number of sources and displays. It can combine Full HD and Ultra HD sources and displays in a system.

You can even do vidoe walls and have sources and displays kilometers apart.

HDIP is the most "Future Proof" video distribution system.