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You've just gotten Fibre to the home and signed up to music and video streaming services like Netflix, Showmax, Deezer and Tidal. Now you ready to be entertained like never before. You can finally watch that series your friends keep going on about. You find it online and start watching .... but then it happens again, poor picture quality and BUFFERING. You also have dead spots in your Wi-Fi and poor roaming. It's just like things were when you had an ADSL line.  But Why?
The answer is simple, your hardware is poor quality. Even most new "free" routers provided by your ISP are not adequate when you want to do more than simple Internet browsing and checking your email.
The Router is the "Brain" of your network and AVA Solutions offers Routers that are designed from the ground up for the AV/CI industry, incorporating features and functionality commonly required in high-end CI jobs. These features improve performance in multimedia and automation-heavy networks, which can be difficult for routers not designed for the task. When choosing a router, first consider your internet speed and ensure that you purchase a router with a LAN-WAN speed capable of making the most of the internet connection you’re paying for.
When it comes to Wi-Fi, all the jargon can be very confusing. All you really need to know is that you will have fast and reliable Wi-Fi around your home. That is what AVA Solutions provides by using the best managed wireless access products in the AV/CI industry.  
Our AV/CI industry leading brands include Pakedge, Luxul and Araknis
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